How late is too late?

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Survival of the fittest‘ they say. Homo sapiens (Latin : Wise Man”) as a species have tried and will keep trying to establish their dominance over nature. No matter how many calamities or pandemics nature warns us with, we will keep ‘surviving’ in the most unsustainable manner.

What I’m trying to do here is garner a collective response to climate change by increasing awareness on this phenomenon and suggesting tiny lifestyle and behavioral changes that can buy us time from the tipping point.

A “tipping point” is an abrupt and possibly irreversible change that tips our climate into a new state from where there’s no recovering. Scientists predict a number of such tipping points we’re accelerating to based on current global performance. We have entangled ourselves into a vicious cycle of urbanization that is causing much of the environmental problems. I mean, can you imagine travelling long distances without aeroplanes or cars, or working in offices without air-conditioning ? However, as long as we don’t cross these thresholds, we can keep this fight on. The first step to fighting climate change would probably be to stop living in denial – denial of climate change and denial of our ability to combat it.

Fighting climate change is a collective effort. There are certain urban amenities we cannot live without – in such a case, is it possible to offset our carbon footprint through other measures? All the money we are cultivating today will not give us the glorious future we dream of – but ‘greening’ our planet actually might. Why is that? ‘Cuz nature is resilient – give it a chance and it will nurture and protect you.

In the forthcoming blogs, I’m going to explain several climate change processes and help you become a green soldier in this fight. I’m hoping to educate and learn in this journey. We can evolve only by learning – which brings me back to Charles Darwin’s ‘survival of the fittest’ law of evolution. Yes, we are evolving every passing minute, but what are we evolving into? A friend of mine rightly said – “Human beings will keep fighting till their last breath” – we just need to pick our fights smartly. If only 7.7 billion of the worlds smartest animals put their heads together and tried to protect their planet.

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