Just the tip of the iceberg

In my last post, I touched upon the concept of “tipping points” – irreversible changes to the planet triggering an onset of more dangerous irreversible changes. The truth is, we’ve already crossed one. The most recent incident is the collapse of the West Antarctic ice sheet. It’s vulnerable because most of it sits on bedrockContinue reading “Just the tip of the iceberg”

How late is too late?

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash ‘Survival of the fittest‘ they say. Homo sapiens (Latin : Wise Man”) as a species have tried and will keep trying to establish their dominance over nature. No matter how many calamities or pandemics nature warns us with, we will keep ‘surviving’ in the most unsustainable manner. What I’m trying to doContinue reading “How late is too late?”

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